Special offer

In the pleasant ambience you will be welcomed by a cheerful team of experienced cosmetologists and wellness therapists. They gained their knowledge and experience through work and education in well-known cosmetic salons and luxurious hotels.
With their kind and professional approach they will find the right treatment for you and recommend you cosmetic services and preparations that are the most suitable for you.
In today's stress and lazy way of life, treat yourself with relaxing treatments of our salon.

Each treatment is specially designed for the client's condition and needs of the skin. We approach individually and professionally. The basis for each treatment is the use of milk or foam for cleaning, toning, peeling and masking. Lifting or relaxing massage is done by agreement with the client same as deep facial cleaning.

Therapy with Wooden Elements. Each part of the body is individually for each client depending on their needs and the desired result. The massages are pleasant and there are no aggressive movements.

Partial, individual, aroma massage, sports, thai ... Customers choose the type, duration and intensity of individual body massages.

Waxing or hair removal is done with wax in the cartridges while the hairs from the smaller surfaces are waxed with hot wax.

Special care is given to your hands and feet Treatment includes scrubbing, massage, nail shaping and nail polish (regular or gel).